Strategic Planning & LCAP

Blueprint for Excellence - 2018-2020
The PVSD Way: Collaboration, Integrity, Respect

Adopted by the Board on June 27, 2018

PVSD Vision:

PVSD is a diverse community of learners motivated to share their insights, creativity and positive contributions with the world.

PVSD Mission:

PVSD nurtures each child’s academic, physical, social, and emotional growth by providing a comprehensive curriculum, high quality instruction, and personalized support in a collaborative environment that values diverse perspectives and promotes equity.

PVSD Values:

Collaboration, Integrity, Respect (see “PVSD Way”)

PVSD Goals:

Student Achievement
Students will be supported to challenge themselves and thrive academically.

  • Hire and retain a highly qualified and diverse team of teachers and staff

  • Teachers/staff receive ongoing professional development/coaching

  • Provide collaboration and training opportunities for students and for staff

  • Allow varied options for learning through hands-on projects and technology-based tools

  • Support students in their academic areas of need using personalized and well-balanced
    approaches toward curricula

  • Provide authentic enrichment activities to support high achieving learners

  • Support English Learners with scaffolded materials and strategies to achieve growth and mastery

Students will become resilient, responsible, compassionate citizens of their local and global communities.

  • Continue to implement and enhance Social Emotional Learning curricula at all grade levels

  • Foster student learning and growth through improving facilities and learning environments

  • Increase efforts around empathy and diversity awareness

  • Invest in training opportunities for teachers and school leaders around climate, equity, culture,
    and global citizenry

  • Maintain support staff such as counselors and paraprofessionals

  • Foster a culture of effective communication

  • Develop and maintain facilities that support student engagement

Creative Hands-On Learning
Students will engage in creative, hands-on and transformative learning experiences.

  • Increase opportunities for creative expression through the visual and performing arts

  • Assist students in identifying and exploring areas of passion and curiosity

  • Build a cohesive STEM-based program that supports and enhances the core instruction (Makerspace, Robotics, Computer Science)

  • Support the inclusion of project-based approaches to support student voice, choice, and independence through a multi-disciplinary approach

  • Provide professional development for staff focused on transformative learning and engaging students

  • Develop a K-8 systemic approach to showcase student work in multiple formats and for multiple audiences incorporating real-world applications and feedback

  • Provide extra-curricular opportunities around a breadth of topics including STEM, sports, and arts

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