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Dear Parents and Families, Chief Business Official Jon Barth informs us that progress continues on the District Facilities Master Plan. The District is on course to have a comprehensive plan ready for complete Board review by the end of the school year. To date, there have been two site-level forums and one full-community forum. A master facilities core planning group formed and met twice. There are two or three more sessions planned for this group. A survey of the full community is forthcoming and will arrive in your inbox soon. The Master Plan will assess both desires for modifications and additions to our campuses. We will also receive a full maintenance plan to ensure good stewardship of the investments made in the PVSD schools. In our never-ending quest to keep our schools running smoothly and having our students arrive and depart safely, I am featuring a short article from our School Safety Resource Officer Ron DeRespini. We did work three years ago to change the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic at CMS during pick up and drop off. The changes that were made made a significant difference in the duration of congested / stagnant traffic before and after school and it also made the whole experience less chaotic by separating foot traffic from vehicle traffic in the front of the school. But it's always good to review practices and make sure our children (and drivers) are giving each
other a wide berth. Please also note below the update about coming changes in science curriculum and a request for your input. -- Eric
March 7, 2017 News & Views

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