Step 3: Community Outreach

Step 3

The master planning process has involved both professional expertise and community input from District staff, parents, students, and members of the Portola Valley community.

Key Outside Consultants

  • Cody Anderson Wasney (CAW) - is a Palo Alto based architecture firm that has built a strong reputation for designing public, commercial, and residential buildings throughout Northern California. CAW has led many successful K-12 projects including in the Sequoia High School District and the just-completed addition to the La Entrada 4-8 campus in the Las Lomitas School District. Brent McClure from Cody Anderson Wasney was the chief architect who advised PVSD in its Facilities Master Plan project.
  • Keygent Advisors has been the long time consultant to PVSD when it needs expert advice on structuring potential general obligation bond offerings or parcel tax measures. Keygent is a financial advisor to school districts and community colleges in California. They currently serve over 40 clients across California, including 8 school districts in San Mateo County.  
  • Bryan Godbe from Godbe Research has advised the District many times on public perceptions of the schools and the voters’ potential support for bond or tax measures. In consultation with the District, Godbe Research designs surveys, conducts community polling, and helps the District analyze the results of polling.
  • During the later stages of feasibility, the District consulted with Amanda Clifford of Clifford Moss, a firm that specializes in communications, political strategies, and public affairs.

In addition to the facilities assessment work done by the Facilities Planning Group, this group also helped identify the following guiding principles for planning and development purposes: 


Are our land and facilities serving our students’ educational needs? As we prepare students to meet the challenge of a rapidly-changing and highly complex global society, how well does the physical space support their efforts to learn, explore, create and work together?



While we believe our campuses should be open and welcoming, they also need to be safe and secure. Air quality, lighting, roofing, drainage, field safety, seismic integrity, and emergency alarm systems are just a sample of the systems that must be well conceived and maintained to create safe and healthy learning environments.

community focus

Community Focus

Schools strive to be community centers for the student population, parents, and community. Children are raised within and by their communities. Well maintained and versatile gathering spaces are key to a healthy school environment and are integral for celebration, performances, athletics, and forums, to name a few. Our campuses should welcome and encourage community participation in our schools.



School facilities benefit from being flexible and adaptable to address unpredictable enrollment and the ever-changing needs of teaching and learning. We are preparing students for future careers that may not yet have been discovered. Dynamic learning spaces extend beyond the classroom, providing a variety of configurations and room sizes, breakout spaces, meeting rooms and outdoor functional zones to support team teaching, small group work and project-based learning. 


Portola Valley Aesthetic

Our campuses should reflect both the value we place on students and the unique character of Portola Valley. Buildings and landscaping should be harmonious with the beautiful natural environment that surrounds us, inviting that environment to become part of the learning experience. 

To get a sense of the public workshops, study sessions, and Board meetings involved in the Master Planning Process, click here. Community listening sessions were also held in the PV Town Hall, at Portola Valley Ranch, at The Sequoias, and on three occasions in homes in Portola Valley and Woodside.

Looking ahead, should Measure Z pass, representatives from the public are encouraged to attend regular public Board meetings or review minutes for progress updates. There will be opportunities to participate in selection/screening activities and during design stages when options are discussed.

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