Step 4: Facilities Master Plan Development

step 4

A smaller Core Planning Group (see participant list below) met regularly through 2016-18 to work through the details of a comprehensive long-term planning document for both school sites, using the results of community forums, surveys, planning workshops and facility assessments.

Core Planning Group

Eric Hartwig, Superintendent

Connie Ngo, Chief Business Officer

Lynette Hovland, Ormondale Principal

Cyndi Maijala, Corte Madera Principal

Tricia Christensen, Parent

Jeff Klugman, Board Member

Mike Maffia, Board Member

Amanda Clifford, Principal, Clifford Moss

Jeff Aalfs, PV Town Councilmember

The Facilities Master Plan recommended by the Core Planning Group was adopted by the Board of Trustees at its June 26, 2018 meeting. The plan estimates costs for each project, factoring in overhead expenses (“soft costs”) and possible escalation of costs between the time of the estimate and the time construction occurs.

In order to be prudent and responsible, the plan reflects 26% soft costs to cover expenses such as architect fees; engineering fees; project management/construction manager fees; topographic survey, soils, testing; plan check fees; construction testing and inspections; Inspector of Record; legal, moving, miscellaneous expenses and owner contingency. 

Based on the premise that the construction will take two years to complete, an additional 16% (8% per year) is set aside for escalating costs. Assumptions are intentionally conservative and are based on completing work in an efficient and economical manner while providing lasting quality and adhering to the Portola Valley aesthetic. 

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The Core Planning Group recommended that the long-term plan be executed in phases. Phase I will include $49.5 million of improvements. This recommendation advocated both new construction and renovation. Where age and deterioration of buildings pointed to excessive ongoing maintenance costs, a decision to remove and replace was made. When facilities were found to be in fundamentally sound condition, a recommendation to remodel was made. 

Ormondale Elementary Phase 1 highlights

1. Replace 8 classrooms (4 wings) of outdated temporary or prefabricated classrooms with a 2 wing “Innovation Center” housing elective spaces around the outdoor quad off the rear entrance to the library. These rooms will be better equipped to support hands-on student learning in music, science, STEM and art.

2. Site improvements will include field repair and improved courtyard spaces to support outdoor learning. 

3. Exterior repairs involve siding and roofing replacement as well as storm drainage and piping upgrades.

4. Interior repairs and upgrades include new HVAC, more efficient LED lighting, ceiling repairs, paint, and door hardware.

Notable high priority, high impact projects not included in Phase I but reflected in the longer-term master plan for Ormondale include:

• Modernize the Multi-Use Room/Gymnasium to improve seating, 

provide regulation size athletic courts, and address acoustics (estimated at $1.3 million).

• Rebuild classroom wing housing rooms 11 and 12 adding one additional classroom and realigning it with the back of the Multi-Use Room/Gymnasium to increase usable outdoor learning space within courtyard (estimated at $5 million).

Corte Madera School  Phase 1 highlights

1. Rebuild 5 wings of classrooms, 4 of which are outdated temporary or pre-fabricated classrooms as one two-story building, replacing 14 smaller, stand-alone classrooms with 11 larger, connected classrooms.

2. Outdoor improvements include repairing fields, Physical Education storage, and site development to rebuild and improve courtyards/outdoor learning spaces after removal of classroom wings. 

3. Interior upgrades will provide new HVAC, more efficient LED lighting, ceiling repairs, door hardware and restroom upgrades.

4. Exterior repairs and upgrades include siding and roofing replacement, storm drainage and piping.

Notable high priority, high impact projects not included in Phase I but reflected in the longer-term master plan for Corte Madera include:

• Rebuild Multi-Use Room/Gymnasium, music, drama and art building to better support indoor athletics, provide improved seating and acoustics, and renovate elective facilities (estimated at $13.8 million)

• Widen Indian Crossing creating an additional lane for through traffic during drop off and pick up while also increasing available parking by putting an additional lot where the Annex currently sits (estimated at $1.3 million)


A more detailed one-page summary of proposed expenditures can be found on page 10 of the Facilities Master Plan

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