Step 8: Final Design Process

step 8

The Facilities Master Plan as adopted by the Board of Trustees in June, 2018 defines the major facility needs of the District and identifies the top priorities that should be addressed in a first phase of work. The scope of the first priority work, including the demolition of some classrooms and construction of replacement classrooms, the modernization of existing classrooms, and the improvement of common areas, will be the focus of construction in the coming years and is unlikely to be significantly changed. However, the specific design of buildings and materials used will be subject to considerable input and deliberation.

The architect for the renovation and new construction will be selected through a comprehensive and transparent process. The process for selecting an architect will begin directly after a Construction/Project Manager (C/PM) is selected. The new C/PM will help the District decide on the most advantageous way to structure a construction plan and hire the professionals to carry it out. Once this decision is made, likely January 2019, an RFP will be posted to encourage architect applications. 

Proven successful experience in designing multiple local public school projects will be a top priority, as will success working with school and community leaders and state construction authorities. Applicants will be screened and interviewed by panels composed of PVSD staff, Trustees, parents and community members.  These panels will be appointed by the Superintendent, with the goal of hiring an architect in February 2019. All hiring decisions will be approved by the Board of Trustees in a public meeting.

The remainder of the 2018-19 academic year will focus on selection of a construction firm through an open and competitive process and development of final designs and project phases, with Board input and approval required at all milestones.

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