New Student Enrollment Online

New student enrollment is now online!
Please submit your child's information prior to the first day of school, August 21, 2017.
Here is the enrollment process:
  1. School office gives parent “Intent to Register” ½ page.
  2. School office gives Welcome letter along with initial registration page. Parents return initial registration page along with required paperwork (proof of residency, birth certificate, immunization).

  3. School office receives initial registration page + required paperwork and then creates an initial student enrollment record in PowerSchool, our Student Information System. Student enrollment record will include generating Parent Portal account.

  4. School office will then send email to parent to finalize registration process. The email will include their parent portal access information as well as instructions on completing the online registration process.

  5. Parent will complete registration online.

  6. School office will review submission, make any necessary changes, and then save to PowerSchool.
  7. School office will send confirmation email to parent notifying them that registration process is complete.