Facilities Master Plan

The goal of a District-wide Master Facilities Plan process is to create a long range vision for the school district facilities while simultaneously developing realistic 10-year plans for your school sites with clear implementation strategies. The master planning process will include District-wide planning and goal setting, transparent community outreach, existing facility assessments, school site master planning specific to Ormondale and Corte Madera schools, and conclude with prioritization and documentation.

Additional Facilities Master Plan Information:

1.18.18 Board Special Session
Campus Facilities Walk-Through Presentation

CliffordMoss Presentation
Board Update : Preparing for 2018 School Bond Success
Presented to the Board on 10.25.17

Bryan Godbe Presentation
2017 Revenue Measure Feasibility Survey
Presented to the Board on 10.25.17

Keygent Advisors Presentation
Bond Program Overview & Illustrative 2018 Bond Measure
Presented to the Board on 9.6.2017

CliffordMoss Presentation
Conversation Guide: Preparing for 2018 School Bond Success
CAW Architects Presentation
Presented to the Board on 8.16.2017

CAW Architects Presentation
PVSD Facilities Master Plan: Board Study Session
Presented to the Board on 6.29.2017

5.10.17 Board Study Session
Item 3. A. Facilities Master Plan
CAW Architects: Presentation 

Davis DemographicsPresentation
School Year 2016/17 Demographic Study Methodology and Deliverables
Presented to the Board on 4.26.2017

CAW Architects
3.30.17 Community Outreach Forum: Minutes, and Presentation

CAW Architects
3.28.17 Community Outreach Forum: Agenda,  Minutes, and Presentation

CAW Architects Presentation
Facilities Master Plan Update
Presented to the Board on 12.7.16

CAW Architects
11.2.16 Community Forum: Agenda , Minutes , and Presentation

CAW Architects
10.25.16 Corte Madera School Site Forum: Agenda , Minutes, and Presentation

CAW Architects
10.18.16 Ormondale School Site Forum:  AgendaMinutes, and Presentation