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Measure O
Information about Measure O
Measure O FAQ
Request for Senior Exemption: FORM 
PVSD Resolution #5-2013:  Calling for a May 7, 2013 All-Mail Election for Voter Approval to Renew Existing Educational Parcel Taxes. (Adopted by the Governing Board on February 6, 2013.) 
Agenda for February 6, 2013 Public Hearing and Special Session Meeting.  
Godbe Reseach Report, presented to the Governing Board on January 23, 2013.

Measure D

Citizens' Oversight Committee
When the voters of Portola Valley approved Measure C in March of 2004, one of the important provisions of the measure called for the establishment of a Citizens' Oversight Committee, appointed by the Governing Board, who would have the responsibility of reviewing the allocation of parcel tax revenue to ensure that funds are allocated according to the terms approved by the voters. The following links provide Agendas and Minutes of the Committee meetings, and reports generated by the Committee. The Committee is required to issue a report annually on funds usage.

Committee Meeting Agenda  (9/27/18)
Committee Meeting Agenda (5/23/18)
Committee Meeting Agenda  (1/10/2011)