Parcel Tax Information

There is a vacancy for a Citizens Parcel Tax Oversight Committee member. The Committee meets once a year.
If interested, please contact Chief Business Official, Connie Ngo
(650) 851-1777 ext 2560

Request for Senior Exemption (Tax Reduction): FORM

Existing Local Parcel Tax for Portola Valley School District

Since 1985, our community has supported and periodically renewed a local parcel tax for Portola Valley School District. This measure helps us retain excellent teachers and maintain our high level of reading, writing, math and science instruction in our schools.

Today this funding accounts for almost 10% of the District’s annual budget and generates $1.2 million each year. The measure costs $581 per parcel per year and all funds stay in our community to support Portola Valley School District schools. This funding is set to expire in 2021, and if this funding expires, our schools could lose up to 12 teachers.

Local Funding for Portola Valley School District

Over the years, this measure has helped to:

  • Retain qualified and experienced teachers
  • Maintain quality math, science, reading and writing instruction
  • Maintain programs in engineering and technology
  • Support art and music programs
  • Limit class size increases

Accountability Is Required
The existing local parcel tax requires fiscal accountability to ensure funds are spent as voters intended.

  • An independent citizen oversight committee reviews expenditures and provides annual reports to the community—you can view the committee’s reports below
  • All funds from the measure stay in Portola Valley School District
  • No funds from the measure go to the State or other school districts
  • Seniors aged 65 and over are eligible for an exemption from the cost—you can get an exemption application by contacting the District Office at (650) 851-1777

Seeking Community Feedback

The current measure is set to expire in 2021. If the measure expires without renewal, the District would face cuts to academic and enrichment programs. As the District evaluates its budget and considers placing a potential renewal measure on an upcoming ballot, we welcome your feedback and questions. We value our partnership with the community and invite you to share your thoughts with us by emailing Superintendent Roberta Zarea at

More Information

Measure O 
PVSD Resolution #5-2013:  Calling for a May 7, 2013 All-Mail Election for Voter Approval to Renew Existing Educational Parcel Taxes. (Adopted by the Governing Board on February 6, 2013.) 
Agenda for February 6, 2013 Public Hearing and Special Session Meeting.  
Godbe Reseach Report, presented to the Governing Board on January 23, 2013.

Citizens' Oversight Committee
When the voters of Portola Valley approved Measure C in March of 2004, one of the important provisions of the measure called for the establishment of a Citizens' Oversight Committee, appointed by the Governing Board, who would have the responsibility of reviewing the allocation of parcel tax revenue to ensure that funds are allocated according to the terms approved by the voters. The following links provide Agendas and Minutes of the Committee meetings, and reports generated by the Committee. The Committee is required to issue a report annually on funds usage.


 Name  Represented Group
Hilary Giles Community Member
William Urban Community Member 
Katherine Hall District Parent 
Josh Moser District Parent
Josh Raffaelli  District Parent
Teresa Richard  Teacher
Wayne Rickert  Teacher
VACANT Local Business Community

Committee Report to the Governing Board (10/15/20)
Committee Meeting Agenda and Materials (9/28/20)

Committee Report to Governing Board (10/23/2019)
Committee Meeting Agenda and Materials (10/07/2019)
Committee Report to Governing Board(10/24/18)
Committee Meeting Agenda  (9/27/18)
Committee Meeting Agenda (5/23/18)
Committee Meeting Agenda  (1/10/2011)