Parcel Taxes

Parcel tax revenues account for approximately 8% of the District’s Total General Fund Resources. The District estimates parcel tax revenues for 2020-21 will be approximately $1.2M. The District has one parcel taxes of $581.00 per parcel. Senior and disability exemptions are allowed for all parcel taxes. Click here for more information about the exemptions.
On May 2013, 69.0% of District voters authorized a parcel tax (Measure O) to retain high-quality teachers, excellent programs, and reasonable class sizes. The measure authorized the District to levy the tax at the initial rate of $581 per year on each parcel of taxable real property in the District for a term of eight years. This measure sunsets on June 30, 2021. The tax rate is adjusted annually to account for changes in the consumer price index for the San Francisco Bay Area.

PVSD Fact Sheet

There is a vacancy for a Citizens Parcel Tax Oversight Committee member. The Committee meets once a year.
If interested, please contact Chief Business Official, Connie Ngo
(650) 851-1777 ext 2560