2018 Bond Measure (Measure Z Bond)

Measure Z Bond Program Team

Adam Lint, PVSD Director of Facilities and Bond Program
Connie Ngo, PVSD Chief Business Officer
Roberta Zarea, PVSD Superintendent

Program Support / Construction Manager
Rick Kramer
, RGM Kramer Inc.

Program Architects
Cody Anderson Wasney (CAW) Architects
Sugimura Finney Architects

Legal Counsel
Glenn Gould
, Orbach Huff Suarez + Henderson

Citizen Bond Oversight Committee
In accordance with Education Code 15278, the District has approved the members of the Citizen Bond Oversight Committee whose duty is to inform the public of the expenditure of bond revenues by reviewing annual performance and financial audits.
Amanda Smoot, Parent / PTO Member
Vito Palermo, Business Owner
Tom Hafkenschiel, Senior Community Member
Jocelyn Swisher, Community Member
Ann Wengert, Community Member
Nelly Wolfson, Tax-Payers Association Member

Principals’ Construction Progress Committees
Each site convened a group of District and school administrators, teachers and parents to give input and insight into the design and layout of the new classroom buildings at CMS and ORM. Thanks to those who have volunteered their time on these committees.
Adam Lint, Director of Facilities and Bond Program
Brent McClure, Cody Anderson Wasney Architects
Matt Dohrmann, Cody Anderson Wasney Architects
Keith Wainschel, Cody Anderson Wasney Architects
Cyndi Maijala, previous Corte Madera Principal
Kristen Shima, current Corte Madera Principal
Lynette Hovland, Ormondale Principal
Brook Coffee, Corte Madera Parent and Gardening Instructor
David Conlan, Corte Madera Parent
Saira Ramasastry, Corte Madera Parent
Emily Jagoda, Corte Madera Parent
Tobias Freccia, Corte Madera Parent
Linda Kamran, Ormondale Parent
Gary Hanning, Ormondale Parent
Michael Flynn, Ormondale Parent
Andrew Vingiello, Ormondale Parent