Preparing for IEP

Planning for the IEP Meeting

In Portola Valley School District, IEP meetings may be prescheduled by the Special Ed. department at the beginning of the school year.  Parents and staff usually receive a "save the date" notice for those meetings.  In addition, an official IEP meeting notice is sent to all team members.  Please contact for any changes to these dates.

It may be helpful to save IEP information, student products and questions in a folder or binder, to review before the IEP meeting. Exchanging information between parents, teachers and/or specialists before the meeting can also lesson the "overload", and allow for time to reflect on progress and priorities for the coming year.  

The attached "Parent IEP Planning Form" may facilitate the sharing of information, and can be included as part of the student's IEP.  Parents may click on the form to open and print (or download below), complete each section, and bring to your's child's IEP meeting.   Doing this will help document your child's areas of strength, growth over the past year, and current concerns.

Parent IEP Planning Form