Technology Survey Results

Technology Survey Results Summary

In January of 2014, parents, teachers, and students were surveyed on the use of technology. The intent of the survey was to establish baseline data to evaluate the capacity for technology at home, student skill levels/areas of need, teacher skill levels/professional development needs, and school infrastructure. The infographics below from our BrightBytes survey data are high level summaries. Detailed results from the survey are being used by the teacher and parent groups working on the new PVSD technology plan. The technology plan may utilize the BrightBytes survey again for the 2014-15 school year as an annual performance measurement. We will post the updated district technology plan as soon as it is available. In the interim, please take a look at the results as a broad snapshot of our school community's educational technology aptitudes and areas of growth. For more context, please see the BrightBytes Framework and PVSD's overall performance summary.  Please contact Jason Borgen, Director of Learning & Innovation, if you have any questions. 
Number of survey participants: parents 181, grades 3-8 students 425, teachers and administrators 53.

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21st Century Skills
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21st Century

Technology at Home
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Technology at School
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School Tech
Professional Development 
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