Dear Parents,


Thank you for helping your child build a strong foundation for mathematic competency and success.  Just as you cannot build a house without first building a solid foundation, success in math requires mastery of basic mathematics facts.  This fundamental knowledge is integral to understanding all mathematics concepts and operations, and students with confidence in basic facts will be well-equipped to understand more complex levels of math. 


The overall goal of the K-3 Power Builders Program is to attain mastery of basic math facts so they no longer have to use thinking strategies (the computational strategies that students use to make sense of the facts and find answers when they have not yet memorized them.)


The key components to mastery and success using our program include the following:

  •  Individualization
  • Strategic order 
    • Number sense
    • Sums and differences to numbers 1-10
    • Sums and differences to numbers 11-20
    • Concluding with multiplication and division  
  • Alignment with Everyday Math
  • Useful tricks and strategies
  • Adult-directed lessons
  • Repetition
  • One-on-one practice
  • Digital component
  • Multiple Intelligence practice suggestions

Power Builders Website:

The Power Builders website will be your primary resource for helping your child succeed in Power Builders.  It includes three components: Power Builders Levels, helpful Strategy Sheets, and additional Practice Resources such as Practice Websites, Songs, and Flashcards. 

A Power Builders practice site has also been created. Click HERE to access the site. 


How Power Builders Works:

Every week, teachers or parent volunteers will assess students at their current Level to ascertain whether they have achieved automatic recall of a particular focus (such as adding 1 to any number between 0 and 10).  Once students demonstrate mastery of a specific Level, they will proceed through subsequent Levels until they encounter difficulty.  Thus, students may at times skip past several Levels, and at other times spend several weeks working toward mastery of a particularly tricky Level.  Each week, your child’s teacher will let you know which Power Builders Level he or she is focusing on.  You can download a PDF of every Level using the Power Builders website.  The Levels are clearly numbered and also include a short description of the focus in their titles.  They are organized according to the following benchmarks:

Kindergarten: Levels 1-23

First Grade: Levels 24-59

Second Grade: Levels 60-102

Third Grade: Levels 103-145


As a family, you can decide the best way to work toward instantaneous retrieval of that week’s facts based on your child’s learning style.  In order for students to make steady progress in Power Builders, they will need regular, dedicated practice with adult help.  It will be much more beneficial to spend 5 to 10 minutes every night on math facts than 30 minutes one night a week.


Strategies and Resources

Many levels have associated Strategy Sheets that provide useful methods for learning and memorizing math facts.  You will find the Strategy Sheets in PDF form on the website next to its corresponding Power Builders Level.  The Strategies will be especially useful if students spend more than one or two weeks at a level.


Finally, the website contains many Practice Resources that are fun, engaging, and practical.  From printable flashcards to interactive games, students will enjoy investigating the exciting options for building Fact Power that are available through the Power Builders website.

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