Monday, August 25, 2014
  First day of School!  Welcome back CMS. Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!   

 Tuesday August 26/ Wednesday August 27, 2014 

  • Dress Code: This is a reminder that there is a dress code policy at Corte Madera School for all grade levels. Shorts and skirts need to be at fingertip length and tank tops need to be at least one inch thick with no extra straps showing. Shirts may not be low cut or revealing and writing is not allowed across the seat of pants, shirts or skirts. Boys need to have pants and shorts worn at the waist and there are no hats allowed in the classrooms. There are also no pajamas allowed unless its a specific pajama dress up day for the school or your class.

    If you violate the dress code, you will be sent up to the office and be asked to call home to get additional clothing- or wear extra clothing that we have in the office for you. You will get a warning. If you violate the dress code a second time, it is an automatic lunch detention.

  • Planners: Student Council is selling Planners starting tomorrow at lunch in Room 605. Planners will be $5 and it is first come first served. Come and get your planner while supplies last! We will start selling them tomorrow! 
  • Tardies- Just a reminder that school starts promptly at 8:00. You must be in class or at your classroom door by this time so teachers can take roll and we can start morning announcements. If you are a 4th or 5th grader, and show up late to school, you must go see Susan in the front office for a tardy slip. If you are a 6/7/8th grader and show up after 8:05, you must also go see Susan in the front office for a slip. If you show up between 8:00 and 8:05, please go directly to class and the teacher will mark you tardy. Reminder that excess tardies will earn you a lunch time or after school detention so don’t be late!!
  • Electives/ Schedule Changes: If you are wanting to change and elective, there are limited options at this time. Please see Ms. Shima at Brunch or before/ after school to talk about availability. If you would like to be a Teachers Assistant (TA), this is only open to 7th and 8th graders and you are responsible for finding a teacher to TA for.. Please pick up an official TA Form by Ms. Shima’s office and this form must be signed by the teacher and your parent for approval.
  • Lunch Time/ New Eating Rules/ Recess: Shima: All students will need to stay seated and eat for the first 10-15 minutes of recess. There is no playing immediately at the start of recess any longer. There will be a clear Eating Bell that will ring and then students will be released from the table to go out and play. Also- respectful behavior- ⅘ slide going down only, NO FOOD on the black top- detention assigned- Share the space- play together….Discipline/ Tech Violations etc.
  • Classroom open at Lunch: Starting next week, there will be a number of options for students at lunch time. We will have a gameroom open in Room 702, the library will be open, Noon League will take place outside or in the MUR with Mr. Flahavan, Mr. Braun’s room will be open on A days to hang out, and Ms. Green’s room will be open a couple of days a week for assigned Homework Center. Please make sure to listen to the morning annoucements so  you know all the options and open classrooms!
  • Bring Your Own Device: If you are planning on bringing your own laptop or ipad to school- or your teacher has allowed you to have a phone during class to do work, you MUST have a Bring Your Own Device Form signed and you must be cleared. These forms are in the Library by the Tech Office.

  • Bike/ Skateboard to School: If you are biking or skateboarding to school, please make sure to lock up your bikes/ skateboards in the racks. There are skateboard racks right outside the MUR. Also, you should not leave your bike or skateboard on the school campus over the weekend- especially unlocked. Please make sure to take your bike and skateboard home every day after school.
  • Clean Campus: We need to make sure that we keep our CMS campus clean! Please pick up all trash during lunch time and also keep backpacks in the middle school area either in your locker, on the hooks, or behind the yellow line. You cannot leave your sweatshirts, shoes etc. all over the ground in front of the classes. This not only makes the campus look messy, but it is also a fire hazard. Student council will make periodic sweeps around campus, and if materials are left lying out, they will be moved up to the lost and found.
  • Wednesday schedule: Just a reminder that all students get out at the same time now on Wednesday which is 1:50pm. If you are middle school student, keep in mind you do not have all your classes on Wednesday. You will have large blocks of either periods 1-4 or periods 5-7. Tomorrow, all middle school students will need to go to their 1st- 4th period A days classes.

    Your teachers will go over this again with you on Thursday during your FLEX time right after 7th period and will give you more specifics.