Corte Madera School has a well-earned reputation for high standards, academic excellence, and strong preparation for the challenges of secondary education. While we serve students in grades 4 through 8, our small size allows us to maintain the intimacy of a neighborhood school. Our schools’ real strengths are our bright, hardworking students, outstanding parental support and our exceptional and dedicated staff. The State of California has recognized the excellence at Corte Madera by naming it as a California Distinguished School, most recently in 2011, and the Federal Government has further honored Corte Madera by recognizing it as a National Blue Ribbon School, most recently in 2008. Despite these accomplishments, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our school. In addition to our continued commitment to academic excellence, we are focusing on character education and community building so that we may create a school environment that is nurturing, friendly, and respectful.