Tech Team

The PVSD Tech Team: (From Left to Right) Emily Marwedel, Jason Borgen, Marcus Bonfiglio

Mission Statement
Portola Valley Technology Department believes that technology is essential to support our ever growing digital environment. We will ensure seamless integration by:
  • Supporting students and staff on evolving technologies
  • Assisting students and staff in responsible and appropriate use of digital media
  • Building mastery in students and staff's use of technology for teaching, learning and productivity
The Portola Valley School District worked with teachers, support staff, parents and administrators to create a technology plan that supports teaching and learning.
Guiding Principles for Technology:
As a community of teachers, parents, and administrators;
1. We aspire to be a technology thought-leader using technology in innovative ways.
2. We believe that the learning objectives should be the primary goal of teachers and that technology should be used as a means of enhancing student learning.
3. We will prepare our students with technology skills for the modern world. We will use the PVSD K-8 Technology Scope and Sequence as a guide for learning specific technology skills. 
4. We believe in the balanced use of technology and are cognizant of age-appropriate amounts of "screen time" during the instructional day. 
5. Safety and privacy will be taught through the district’s Digital Citizenship Curriculum.