As an employee of a public school district, you are eligible to participate in a 403(b) and/or 457 retirement plan. Participation in these plans is voluntary and may be done at your discretion. Please visit the following website(s) for information regarding retirement saving plan options available to you.

PVSD 403(b) Plan  (.pdf)
PVSD 457 Plan Highlights (.pdf)
Instructions and additonal information (please follow the steps carefully).
403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement
457 Salary Reduction Agreement
All new enrollment and payroll deduction change forms must be faxed or sent to MidAmerica directly for validation. Forms should not be submitted to the District Office.
To access the SpokesKids website, which is specific to the Portola Valley School District, contains the complete list of vendors & plans, forms, etc., please visit:
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