Flex Time (FT) – FAQ

1. What is Flex Time?

Flex Time (FT) is time built into the middle school schedule four days per week so students can make lasting connections with teachers and work towards meeting and/or exceeding state standards and district/school strategic goals through social/emotional learning, homework assignments, skill-based intervention and enrichment.

The FT schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Social/emotional learning lessons
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: Homework, tutorial and enrichment time

2. Why did CMS add FT into the schedule?

  • To enhance personal connections between students and teachers
  • To help us meet or exceed state standards and district and school strategic goals
  • FT allows CMS to provide 55% more direct Social/Emotional Learning instruction throughout the school year
  • FT allows students to get started on homework at school so they can receive help from their teachers if needed and have less to do at home
  • FT allows for students needing extra help to receive it during the school day
  • FT gives CMS the opportunity to provide students with enrichment activities (e.g., peer tutoring)
  • We are continuously looking to improve and research supports this model of support for student learning

3. What are student expectations during FT?

Students should:

  • Be prepared with planner/calendar, homework and novel ready to go at the very beginning of period.
  • Assignments are to be written in planner/calendar or are also accessible through the academic calendar throughout the day. Students should not be spending excessive time during FT to determine homework assignments.
  • Work quietly alone or in small groups from the beginning to the end of the period as needed.
  • All students report to their FT teacher every day unless otherwise directed by a staff member. Students should not leave the classroom to go to see another teacher without having made prior arrangements.

4. What is the grading policy for FT?

FT is Pass/Fail. Students are expected to participate as they would in any other class.

5. How will I know what my student is doing during FT?

CMS will follow the schedule outlined above during each week of the school year. Of course, your student can also provide you with specific information about what they do during FT. Also, you can contact Mr. Corritone, Ms. Shima or your student’s FT teacher.

6. Where did the minutes for FT come from?

Our goal is to continually improve our school and programs to meet the needs of our students and extend their learning. Taking a couple of minutes from other class periods and lunch generated the 25 minutes for FT. We feel using the minutes in this way provides significant value added for our students.

7. Who do I contact if I have any questions about FT?

Please feel free to contact Mr. Corritone or Ms. Shima if you have any questions about FT.