Blueprint for Excellence - 2018


The PVSD Strategic Plan is set to end in 2018. This plan was written prior to new statewide accountability and funding measures that were put in place aligning district/school programs to authentic state priorities and budget outlooks (Local Control Funding Formula).The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is used to share district plans for the future aligning these three elements. As part of PVSD’s ongoing efforts to effectively communicate school and district goals, the LCAP now encompasses previous documents including the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and Technology Plan. PVSD created a Blueprint Advisory Group representing various stakeholders in the district including students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community representatives. The charge of the Blueprint Advisory Group is to create a strategic summary of the LCAP to effectively communicate the district’s mission, vision, values, and goals  to the entire school, district, and larger Portola Valley community and beyond. The Blueprint Advisory Group will use Systems Thinking approaches with facilitation from the County Office to develop a Blueprint for Organizational Excellence. Please review the Board Presentation from March 7 to gather further details.

Objectives of the Advisory Group:

  • Meet face-to-face 3-4 times over the next 4 months
  • Review current LCAP 
  • Identify and discuss significant priorities in current LCAP
  • Develop stakeholder survey and Focus Groups
  • Create a Vision and Mission for PVSD
  • Create a document summarizing the LCAP (The Blueprint)

Meeting Overview

Meeting 1 - March 27th - 9AM-1PM - LCAP Review and Stakeholder Input

The inaugural meeting of this advisory group will focus on setting the tone for the next few months.  Systems Thinking processes will be discussed. The team will engage in activities to review the current LCAP and existing stakeholders perceptions of this. Some initial priorities areas of the LCAP will also be shared. The group will then break-up into sub-committees to build stakeholder input documents including a survey and focus group interview questions.

Meeting 2 - April 26th -  9AM-1PM - Stakeholder Input Data Review and Mission/Vision of PVSD

The second meeting of the group will begin to look at the data compiled through the stakeholder engagement input. The data will be discussed and district values will begin to be identified from these conversations. The group will begin to draft out a Mission and Vision for the district and align this to rewording the existing LCAP Goals.

Meeting 3 - May 3rd -  9AM-1PM - LCAP Priorities and Blueprint Draft

This meeting will review the work from the previous two meetings including revising and finalizing the mission and vision of the district as well as finalizing essential priorities from the LCAP that should be included in the Blueprint. A draft of the blueprint will be designed from these conversations.

Meeting 4 (if needed) - June 4th -  8:30 AM-10:00 AM - Blueprint Presentation and Celebration
If needed, the final meeting will review the work, share the final draft of the Blueprint, make any necessary revisions, and celebrate the work and dedication of the group!