Measure Z Bond

Our Thanks—Measure Z Passes
Thank you for your support of Measure Z! The final vote count was 62.4% in favor with 4,132 ballots cast. We are deeply grateful for the skillful leadership of Anne Fazioli-Khiari and her Measure Z Leadership Team and to our Portola Valley Schools Foundation and the many donors who provided the funding essential for a successful campaign. 
Current Work: Assembling the Team
We’re currently working to assemble the team that will provide architectural, construction, and project management services to carry out the bond program. Positions are posted in a number of professional venues and we're reaching out to local firms we know do high-quality work.
The District is seeking volunteers to assist with screening, interviewing, and evaluating the various candidates. If you are interested, please respond to this form
Opportunities for Community Input
Community input will be important throughout the planning and implementation process. In addition to the screening and selection work mentioned above, volunteers are also needed to serve on a Bond Oversight Committee and school-specific site development committees (one for Ormondale and one for Corte Madera). If you are interested, please respond to this form.

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
The Portola Valley School District is seeking qualified, interested individuals to serve on a committee which will serve as the Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC). For more information on the work of the committee and/or to apply, please visit the CBOC page.