Measure Z History

Measure Z—Portola Valley School District Bond Measure

We have outstanding schools in Portola Valley and are grateful to our dedicated teachers, staff and parents who prioritize our students and help our children learn and grow.

Our school facilities, however, are 30 to 60 years old and need to be repaired to meet current safety requirements and support a 21st-century learning environment.

To repair and upgrade our schools, the Portola Valley School District Board of Education placed Measure Z, a local facilities bond measure, on the November ballot.  If approved by 55% of those who vote, the measure would provide $49.5 million to upgrade our schools and cost $30 per $100,000 of assessed value per year.  All funds would stay in our community to upgrade our schools.  The measure would:
• Replace leaking roofs, plumbing and electrical systems
• Upgrade aging classrooms, labs and technology infrastructure to support academic instruction in math, science, reading, writing and the arts
• Upgrade outdated fire alarms, classrooms, facilities and security systems to improve school security and meet current safety codes
• Update educational facilities to keep pace with 21st century teaching and learning