Important Holiday Safety Travel Message

Important Holiday Safety Travel Message
Posted on 11/08/2020
Travel during COVID-19

Dear Portola Valley Community,

As you know, we have begun the measured and steady return of students to campus. As of this week, we have close to 250 students in grades TK - 5th (50% of our total student population) on campus, with 80 students in these grades having chosen to continue to learn at home through our Portola Valley Virtual Academy option. 

We are at an important crossroads, and are reaching out to our current school families and the broader community to ask for your help. Over the next 6 weeks, we will be bringing back our patiently waiting remaining grade levels (6-8th) and also extending the time on campus for students who have already returned. At the same time, we are approaching the holiday and flu seasons. 

The pace at which we can keep opening our campuses depends on the ability of our whole community to adhere to safe behaviors. The precautions we take at school can only minimize the spread of the virus. Whether the virus is present on our campuses depends on the choices people make at home. 

Today, San Mateo County released a joint statement with neighboring county health officers outlining recommendations for safer holidays and travel. Our school families are being encouraged similarly: avoid unnecessary travel, reconsider large gatherings and continue to follow best practice safety measures including social distancing, moving activities outdoors, wearing a mask and washing hands frequently. 

Our schools continue to thrive because of the way our community comes together time after time in support and celebration of one another. We’ve been adjusting our lives and making sacrifices for what feels like a long time. Thank you for the care and concern you continue to show for your neighbors and our local children.

And thank you for your support and continued partnership. 

Roberta Zarea

PVSD Superintendent

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