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The Weekly Post is published by the Portola Valley School District Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) each week during the school year. It is available each week electronically online at pvsd.net and via email, in HTML format.

The mission of the Weekly Post newsletter is to keep our children, their parents, teachers, and administrators up to date with the happenings at Ormondale, Corte Madera, and the Portola Valley School District. It also provides a venue for local community activity and event announcements that directly relate to the K-8 grade age bracket and their families. When appropriate, the Weekly Post will contain information concerning education issues in our school district, state, and nation.

The Weekly Post is produced electronically. Please submit Microsoft Word (preferred), text, or email documents, with a minimum of formatting, tabs, spaces, indents, etc. Your articles will be reformatted to the font and style used within the Weekly Post for consistency, and logos, graphics, and photos will be removed.

The Weekly Post staff, together with the PTO leadership and District staff, reserve the right to make final judgements on what is to be included in the Weekly Post, and to edit content to meet guidelines and space constraints.

All submissions must be received by Noon each Thursday for publication the following week. This is a firm deadline.

Ormondale and Corte Madera Sections
School-related activities; calendar items; Site Council news; fundraisers specific to one school; teacher or student submissions from each school.

Please include affiliation when submitting (Site Council, PTO, teacher, etc).

Please send Ormondale and Corte Madera submissions to weeklypost@pvsd.net.

District Section
School Board and District news; items relevant to both schools; Foundation news; fundraisers sponsored by our district.

Please include affiliation when submitting (PTO, district staff, etc).

Please send District submissions to weeklypost@pvsd.net.

Community Section
Non-commercial community activities and announcements (such as non-profit sports organizations, or local volunteer opportunities); educationally-related commercial items (such as after-school classes); activities for children K-8 only. Keep to maximum of 1000 characters. Articles will be run for no more than 2 consecutive issues.

Please send Community submissions to weeklypost@pvsd.net.