Lunch Program

Starting in the 2017-18 school year, lunches will be ordered through
Don't worry, food is still provided by ChoiceLunch!
To get started, please click the link below and you'll be on your way to ordering lunches.
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Ordering Lunch

-The cost of a standard regular lunch is $5.40, or a larger portion for $6.40. 
unches can be ordered until 9:00 am the day prior to lunch service.
-Lunches for Minimum Days and Field Trip lunches must be ordered at least 4 days in advanced. Turn in the order form and payment by check to your school office. Please make sure to cancel hot lunch if your student will be off campus during lunch time.
All lunch orders and payments must be made in advance. 

Lunches may be cancelled for a full refund until 9:00 am the day prior to lunch service. Cancellations before 1:00 am the day of lunch service will receive a half-credit refund. 

Check out the what's on the menu for JUNE!

Because all children are entitled to a nutritious lunch, the National School Lunch Program provides support for families through free or reduced-price lunches.  We encourage all families to review the material on eligibility and income guidelines and to complete a free and reduced-price meal application if they think they might qualify.  Please note that applications must be renewed annually.

Questions or concerns regarding the District’s lunch program should be directed to

Payments for Meals and Meal Charges

With the exception of students who are eligible to receive meals at no cost, students may pay on a per-meal basis or may submit payments in advance. Encouraging families to pre-pay for meals can help to ensure children have consistent access to meals.

Parents/guardians shall be notified by the Lunch Is Served website whenever their account has a low balance. This online payment platform includes an optional feature which families may use to automatically add money to their account when they reach a set dollar amount. Families using these systems may also set up a “low balance warning” to ensure they are notified promptly when a payment is needed.

All meals must be prepaid and pre-ordered through the vendor website. There are no ‘charge’ options at the time of lunch service. This helps parents avoid unauthorized charges by their student and ensures there is no accumulation of unpaid debt.


Availability of Meals

All meals are preordered, and delivered accordingly. Because the number of lunches sent by the vendor correlates with the number of lunches pre-ordered, there are no extras to use as ‘emergency lunches.’ At times, it may seem there are lunches leftover as lunch service comes to an end. These have been pre-ordered and are reserved for the student(s) who ordered them. They may not be given out to another student. This policy is in place to avoid the instance where a student who has pre-ordered arrives late to lunch service and finds that their meal has been given to someone else. (Reference: BP 3551, AR 3551)