Lunch Program

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   Pricing: $5.80 for a standard meal
$6.80 for a premium meal, or large portion (CMS only)

Each entrée comes with a fresh fruit or veggie, snack, and a drink!

Menu Highlights for February

What are the ordering and cancellation deadlines?

Standard Order Deadline: All orders must be placed by 9 am the day before.

Cancellation Deadline: Lunch orders must be cancelled by 9 am the day before to receive a full refund. A half credit refund will be issued for lunches cancelled after 9 am the day prior and before 9 am the day of lunch service. No credit will be issued for lunches cancelled after 9 am the same day.  

Field Trip Lunches: Field Trip lunches must be ordered four days in advance using the section on your school’s permission slip. These meals cannot be ordered online, and must be paid by check. It is the parent’s responsibility to cancel hot lunch ordered on field trip days.

Early Dismissal:  A limited cold menu is available when ordered four days in advance. These meals cannot be ordered online, and must be paid by check.  Please contact your school office. 

Same Day Ordering:
Once the normal ordering day has closed, Last Minute Ordering will be available until 6 am the morning the lunch is needed. An additional fee of $1.50 will be added to the cost of each Last Minute lunch. 

Emergency Lunches
: Sometimes lunch is left at home or parents forget to order ahead of time. Emergency Lunches are meals available to students at the time of lunch service. These meals will be charged to the family’s Lunch is Served account, with a $1.50 surcharge. Please note: if you do not want this service available to your child you must OPT OUT on your Lunch is Served account. Parents who do not opt out will be responsible for any emergency lunches picked up by your child.

Meal Charges: Families who do not qualify for free or reduced-price lunch and wish to participate in the lunch program must have a Lunch Is Served account with an active credit card on file. This enables families to pre-order meals, and provides access to emergency meals. Families of students who pick up emergency lunches and do not have a Lunch is Served account will be invoiced for the outstanding amount due.

We need volunteers!

Hot Lunch service depends on parent volunteers to serve lunches each day. Serving Hot Lunch is a fun and easy way to help and see your child during the school day. Please consider volunteering once a week, every other week or even once a month! For more information on volunteering, contact the PTO or sign up here: Ormondale Lunch Service  Corte Madera Lunch Service