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Emergency & Safety

2023-2024 School Safety Plan and Parent Emergency Information.


Comprehensive School Safety Plans
Corte Madera School
Ormondale School

Approved February 8, 2024

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The Big Five  

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Wildfire Safety Information

PVSD is committed to ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors to our campuses. The District has developed plans and procedures to address a wide variety of potential disruptions.

Phone System Failure

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In the event of a primary phone system failure (e.g., during a power outage), the these lines may be used to call in to each office. These are single-line numbers, so you may encounter a busy signal. If so, please be patient and try again, and limit calls to urgent matters only.

District Office: (650) 851-3700
Corte Madera: (650) 529-8553     
Ormondale: (650) 529-2086

Note: Calls to these lines will only be monitored during times when the primary phone is not functioning.

Air Quality Index

Air Quality Protocol FAQ

In today’s California, destructive large-scale fires are becoming more common. Even when fires burn hundreds of miles away, the impact on the air in the Bay Area can be felt for days, sometimes weeks. Parents, educators, students and community members are right to be concerned about air quality.

PVSD serves a vital role for not only the education of our children, but ensuring their safety and security. Families depend on the District to remain open as long as it is able to serve and protect students, and doing so is our top priority. We recognize that parents are the best judges of the conditions under which their students should attend school when schools remain open during days with poor air quality.

PVSD has developed these FAQs to help guide parent understanding of the District response to poor air quality: