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PVSD Nondiscrimination

Department of Fair Employment and Housing

PVSD BP #0410  Nondiscrimination In District Programs And Activities
PVSD BP #1312.3  Uniform Complaint Procedures
PVSD BP #4119.11  Sexual Harassment   (all personnel)
PVSD BP #5145.3  Nondiscrimination/Harassment  (students)
PVSD BP #5145.7  Sexual Harassment (students)
PVSD BP #5145.9  Hate Motivated Behavior
PVSD BP #1312.1  Complaints Concerning District Employees
PVSD BP #4030  Nondiscrimination In Employment
PVSD BP #5141.52  Suicide Prevention
PVSD BP #1114  District-Sponsored Social Media

PVSD BP 5131.2  Bullying

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Use the buttons below to view specific procedures that are in place as part of PVSD's Nondiscrimination Policy.

Title IX Williams Complaint Procedure