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The Latest Updates on the PVSD Construction and Modernization Projects 

February 8, 2023

At Ormondale School

  • The sensory garden is complete and absolutely beautiful. Our students love it. 
  • The music room in our beautiful new classroom wing is now open and alive with students.
  • The new classroom buildings are complete, and we are in the process of finishing the punch list and moving the final items into the new classroom spaces so staff and students can start utilizing the space. This includes the Art room, Maker Space classroom, and Science classroom.
  • Site work is underway to prepare for installing the new play structure. This installation is scheduled to begin in early March in hopes that students will be enjoying this new area after spring break.

Ormondale construction updateSensory Garden

At Corte Madera School

  • Despite recent storms, we’re making good progress on the exterior site work.
  • Painting inside the atrium in the new 700 building will be completed by February 17, 2023. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing trim out, carpeting, and ceiling tiles will begin wrapping up in the coming weeks. PVSD will conduct walk-throughs with the architects and engineers to create the punch lists by the end of February.
  • We anticipate moving into most of the classrooms in the 500 and 700 buildings over spring break. When students return to classes on Monday, April 17, 2023, they will be in the new art, STEAM, and science classrooms and several general education classrooms.
  • Once the new buildings are occupied, the old 700-wing building will be demolished and the portable buildings removed for the final portion of the site work to be complete.

new classroom CMS courtyard

Construction Photos - Winter 2022
Orm Aerial
Ormondale Aerial Photo
Corte Madera 
Corte Madera Aerial
CMS Aerial

Construction Photos - July 2021

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Timelapse Videos - July 2021

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