History - Social Science

Image of History-Social Sciences Framework

Starting in the spring of 2018, the PVSD engaged in a year-long process to choose a new curriculum based on the California State Framework for History-Social Science.

Please click here to access resources about this process.

At the Board Meeting on March 7, the PVSD Board approved an 8-year adoption of the TCI History-Social Sciences curriculum.

Some highlights of the new curriculum:

* TCI was developed by California Teachers over the past 20 years to accurately represent the diverse California population. Widely Adopted across the state including at 12 local districts. 
*Built on the California History-Social Science Framework and adopted by the California State Board of Education on November 9, 2017 *Meaningful ELA activities embedded into the program to inspire students to use their reading, writing and speaking skills *Consistent philosophy, pedagogy, and resources across all TCI programs. *TCI's K-12 programs are based on proven teaching strategies and practices that bring learning alive and achieve consistent, positive classroom results.

    • image of K-5 TCI TextbooksImage of TCI 6-8 Textbooks