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2nd Grade Curriculum Guide


Grade 2 Guide

Teachers will utilize the comprehensive Common Core State Standards (CCSS) when providing instruction. The following are essential skills that the district has determined are critical for mastery as students progress from one grade level to the next. Each learning skill has a direct correlation to one or more of the CCSS.

In English Language Arts, second grade students will:

  • Use grade-level phonics and word analysis skills (CCSS RF.3)

  • Read fluently and accurately to support understanding (CCSS RF.4)

  • Demonstrate understanding of the details and the central message, and describe character changes in literature (CCSS RL.2)

  • Identify the main topic, ask and answer questions, and describe connections in a reading (CCSS RI.1 and RI.2)

  • Describe the overall structure of a story, how words have rhythm and meaning, and observe different points of view (CCSS RL.4)

  • Determine the meaning of vocabulary and identify the main purpose of a text (CCSS RL.7 and RI.5)

  • Compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction books, identify characters, setting, plot, and supporting details (CCSS RL.9)

  • Read and comprehend literature, poetry, and informational text at grade level (CCSS RL.10 and RI.10)

  • Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences, create writings that convey information clearly, and use opinion pieces with supporting reasons (CCSS W.3)

  • With guidance and support, plan, revise, edit and publish writing using appropriate tools (CCSS W.6)

  • Conduct short research projects (CCSS W.7)

  • Use conventions of grammar when writing or speaking and use standard capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing (CCSS L.1 and L.2)

  • Use formal and informal language when writing, speaking, reading, and listening (CCSS L.3)

  • Determine the meaning of unknown words and demonstrate understanding of word relationships (CCSS L.4)

  • Participate in collaborative conversation (CCSS SL.1)

  • Recount an experience using complete sentences (CCSS SL.6)

In Mathematics, second grade students will:

  • Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one and two step word problems (CCSS OA.1)

  • Fluently add and subtract within 20 (CCSS OA.2)

  • Work with equal groups of objects to understand multiplication (CCSS OA.3 and OA.4)

  • Understand place value (CCSS NBT.1, NBT.2 and NBT.3)

  • Use place value to add, subtract, and estimate (CCSS NBT.5 and NBT.7)

  • Measure and estimate lengths (CCSS MD.1, MD.2 and MD.3)

  • Relate addition and subtraction to length (CCSS MD.5 and MD.6)

  • Work with time and money (CCSS MD.7 and MD.8)

  • Represent and interpret data (CCSS MD.9)

  • Reason with shapes and attributes (CCSS G.1, G.2 and G.3) 

CCSS for Language Arts - go to page 16
CCSS for Mathematics - go to page 26

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