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K Curriculum Guide

3rd Grade


Teachers will utilize the comprehensive Common Core State Standards (CCSS) when providing instruction. The following are essential skills that the district has determined are critical for mastery as students progress from one grade level to the next. Each learning skill has a direct correlation to one or more of the CCSS.

In English Language Arts, kindergarten students will:


  • Understand the organization and basic features of print, including the identification of letters (CCSS RF.1)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of spoken words, syllables in words, and sounds (CCSS RF.2)

  • Utilize grade-level phonics and word analysis skills when decoding words (CCSS RF.3)

  • Read emergent (beginning) reader texts with purpose and understanding (CCSS RF.4)

  • Retell familiar stories and key details with prompting and support (CCSS RL.1 and RI.1)

  • Identity the main topic and retell key details of a text with prompting and support (CCSS RL.2 and RI.2)

  • Recognize common types of texts and parts of a book (CCSS RL.5 and RI.5)

  • Compare and contrast items in fiction and nonfiction books (CCSS RL.9)

  • Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding (CCSS RL.10 and RI.10)

  • Use a combination of drawing, dictation, and writing to express their opinions, share information, explain items and give narratives (CCSS W.1)

  • With guidance and support, respond to questions and suggestions from peers, add details to writing, and explore digital tools to produce and publish writing (CCSS W.5)

  • Participate in shared research and writing projects, recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question (CCSS W.7)

  • Utilize the conventions of standard English grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing or speaking (CCSS L.1 and L.2)

  • Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, including reading, being read to, and responding to texts (CCSS L.6)

  • Participate in group conversations and show understanding by asking and answering questions (CCSS SL.1 and SL.2)

  • Speak and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly (CCSS SL.6)


In Mathematics, kindergarten students will:

  • Know number names and be able to count sequences (CCSS CC.1 and CC.2)

  • Count to be able to tell the number of objects (CCSS CC.4 and CC.5)

  • Compare numbers (CCSS CC.6 and CC.7)

  • Understand that addition is putting together and adding to, and understand that subtraction is taking apart and taking from (CCSS OA.1 and OA.2)

  • Work with the numbers 11-19 to gain an understanding of place value (CCSS NBT.1)

  • Describe and compare the features of measurement (CCSS MD.1 and MD.2)

  • Classify and count the number of objects in categories (CCSS MD.3)

  • Identify and describe shapes (CCSS G.1 and G.2)

  • Analyze, compare, create and compose shapes (CCSS G.4 and G.5)

CCSS for Language Arts - go to page 16
CCSS for Mathematics - go to page 17

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