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TK Curriculum Guide

TK Guide


Transitional Kindergarten (TK) students participate in targeted language arts and math curricula that align with the California State Standards in ELA and Math in Kindergarten and subsequent grade levels. Students also experience instruction in other core areas during Transitional Kindergarten, as well as support in behavioral, social and emotional development.

At this date, the State of California Department of Education has not officially adopted a set of academic standards for the TK level. Once official standards have been adopted, they will be added to this website.
Currently, teachers and district staff have determined what essential skills are indicators of successful student learning at the TK level. This instruction ensures that our TK students are fully prepared to meet the academic rigor in kindergarten.

TK students are growing in their ability to communicate with others, express ideas and reason using language. They are beginning to represent thoughts and ideas using written symbols. Their ability to attend to a variety of texts, including literature books and expository documents is also developing. A balance of teacher-directed and student-initiated learning is important as a foundation for education in later years.

TK students move from intuitive, everyday use of basic numbers to formalized mathematics taught in the classroom. In addition to learning math skills such as number sense and measurement, students begin developing mathematical reasoning such as analyzing and explaining concepts.


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