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The PVSD community takes pride in its schools and passed Measure Z to provide funding for the District to keep its school facilities well maintained and modern while providing buildings and grounds that optimize the learning environment for our students. For generations, PVSD has given the local community’s children the excellent start they need to succeed in life. As we continue our mission to serve the next generation of children, we are grateful to the community for investing in the spaces that allow us to deliver the quality academic programming you expect at facilities that honor Portola Valley’s unique landscape and aesthetic traditions.

Using extensive input from the PVSD community over months of planning, we are excited to commence our schools’ important renovation and building projects. We promise to keep the community informed as we progress, and provide this page for you to find out more information about the Measure Z projects.

Together we will continue to offer an excellent TK/K-8th grade education with safe, efficient, and attractive campuses. Thank you for investing in your schools.


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Design Updates & Presentations

Board Presentation - Conceptual Design Update - June 5, 2019
Board Presentation - Schematic Design Update - October 2, 2019
Board Presentation - Final Design Update - April 15, 2020
Board Presentation - Construction Staging & Logistics - September 24, 2020
Community Presentation - Construction Kick Off Meeting -May 25, 2021

Program Information

Bond Program Schedule
Corte Madera School - Buildings & Site Plan
Ormondale School - Buildings & Site Plan
Website - Renderings & Plans
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Ormondale Construction Kick-Off | May 25, 2021


Corte Madera Construction Kick-Off | May 25, 2021


When will construction begin?

Construction for the New classroom buildings and courtyard renovation projects at Ormondale and Corte Madera is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2021. There are smaller upgrades and improvements that will continue to happen through the next few years. Here is a high level look at the program master schedule.

Bond Program Schedule

Will the existing classrooms be modernized?

Yes, as funding allows.. Various classroom modernizations projects are planned that include HVAC upgrades, flooring upgrades, exterior painting, fire alarm upgrades and clock, bell paging upgrades.

Will the fields be improved?

Yes, as funding allows.. Various classroom modernization projects are planned that include exterior painting and upgrades to HVAC, flooring, fire alarm, and our clock, bell, and paging systems.

New Classroom Buildings & Courtyard Renovations Project

What does the New Classroom Buildings & Courtyard Renovations Project look like?

At Corte Madera, the project includes the demolition of 4 aging classroom buildings and construction of 2 two new classroom buildings. The new classrooms will house Art, Maker Space, Science and General Ed. The main courtyard will be renovated to include a new 4th/5th eating area, centralized grass amphitheatre, and a new 6th-8th grade quad. The asphalt basketball courts and play area will be reconfigured as well.

At Ormondale, the project includes the demolition of 4 aging classroom buildings and the construction of 3 new classroom buildings. The new classrooms will house Art, Maker Space, Science and Music and will include a centrally located outdoor learning area. The main courtyard will be renovated to include spaces for outdoor and small group learningand raised beds for classroom gardens.

Corte Madera School - Buildings & Site Plan
Ormondale School - Buildings & Site Plan
Website - Renderings & Plans

When will construction begin?

Construction for the new classroom buildings and courtyard renovation projects at Ormondale and Corte Madera is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2021.

Bond Program Schedule

When will construction be completed?

Construction of the new classroom buildings and courtyard renovation projects at Ormondale and Corte Madera is scheduled to be completed in winter of 2022.

Will the buildings be LEED certified?

The project design goal of the new classroom buildings is to reach LEED Silver Certification.

What water conservation features will the courtyard design include?

The courtyard designs conserve water with low water use irrigation and sustainable planting. Bioretention areas within the landscape collect and filter rainwater and run-off before it is released into the storm system. The irrigation system will regulate the amount of water provided to each zone in a targeted manner by using rain sensing irrigation controllers to automatically prevent irrigating landscaping during or after rain events, underground drip irrigation in all new planting areas (including lawns) to minimize water lost to evaporation and overspray, and separate irrigation zones for educational gardens, fields, courtyard trees, stormwater treatment areas, and foundation planting. The plant palette was developed to rely on low water use and native plants that need minimal additional water to survive and thrive.

What energy conservation measures will you explore?

The project design reduces overall energy needs through building orientation, enhanced building envelope insulation, thermal glazing selection, and the choice of climate-appropriate building materials. The design further conserves energy through natural ventilation for passive cooling, high-efficiency HVAC systems partnered with smart controls, enhanced lighting quality with smart controls, and encourages renewable energy use by providing photovoltaic panels as an energy source.

Will the new buildings include solar?

Yes, as part of achieving LEED Silver status, the new buildings will be equipped with Solar.

Will the new art, science and maker spaces be utilized as much as other general education classrooms?

Yes! PVSD’s existing specialty classrooms do not provide adequate space, storage or usability that is required by these programs. These new dedicated spaces are much needed.

Will there be enough classroom space if there are new housing developments in Portola Valley?

Although current enrollment projections for the next few years show slow declining enrollment and the current design shows an overall reduction in classroom space, there will still be additional spaces available in the event that enrollment increases.

What happened to the 2 story building concept at Corte Madera depicted in the master plan?

During the multitude of programming meetings with site staff, teachers, parents and community members, it became apparent that not only was a two story building not necessary to the school program; it did not fit the surrounding landscape of Portola Valley. The current plan takes advantage of the natural layout of the site and surrounding amenities such as views to Windy Hill, the Frog Pond, and the Heritage Oak trees that are spread throughout the site. Furthermore, a one story building is generally less expensive than a two story building because stairwells and elevators add cost.

Will there be shade incorporated into the designs at each school?

As shown in the schematic design site plan, there is a large number of trees depicted that will provide an abundance of shade. The lunch eating tables in each courtyard will be equipped with umbrellas. Additional shade structures are being explored for the designated eating areas at Corte Madera.

Will parking be affected by the new buildings?

Each site will receive parking lot upgrades in order to bring them into accessibility compliance. At Corte Madera, the new 4th/5th grade building along the southern side of the campus is planned to be placed in the location of an existing parking lot that runs parallel with the Frog Pond. With that, the design team has looked at the parking layout as a whole and is able to accommodate all staff members along with a plenty of visitor parking stalls. Ormondale’s overall parking will not be affected.
Board Presentation - Construction Staging & Logistics - September 24, 2020

Where will contractors park?

Multiple scenarios for construction parking have been taken into consideration. After discussion with the Construction Manager, it was decided that the best location for parking through construction will be within the construction boundaries. Our intent is to keep contractor parking onsite for the majority of construction; however, overflow parking may be required and will utilize street parking.

How will day-to-day use of the entrance be monitored and controlled for maximum safety and minimal disruption?

The Construction Manager will constantly monitor the usage of the construction entrance and coordinate deliveries so they least impact school pick-up and drop-off times. Safety measures will be in place which will include signage and flaggers on Alpine Road controlling deliveries to minimize any possible disruptions to the community.

Will the new construction / service access entrance be secured during off days and times?

Yes, the construction gate at the entrance will be closed, and locked during off hours, weekends and holidays.

What will the entrance look like?

The entrance will be located approximately 200’ from the Alpine Road / Corte Madera Road intersection. The access entrance will be a 14’ wide paved access from Alpine road onto campus with two small turning radii on either side to accommodate delivery vehicles. Our goal is to have the entrance look as natural as possible to have as little impact on the area to blend in with the surroundings while still maintaining a usable service access.

How will the new construction/ service access use change over time during the project?

The construction entrance will serve as a primary entrance throughout construction, with Deliveries and entrance/exit into the site as the main usage.

This service entrance is also planned to allow access for Emergency Access Vehicles (EVA) to the backside of the campus through the end of construction. Upon completion of the project, a new EVA route will be established within the campus. Without this EVA access, we could put students, staff and visitors at risk if there was an emergency. When construction is complete, the only usage of the Alpine Road access will be for District maintenance, safety access and small deliveries. It is not intended to become a new pick-up/drop-off location and the District will monitor this closely.

How will the design accommodate trail users (both when in use and when not in use)?

The trail that parallels the school’s boundary will remain open through construction. The design of the entrance has taken into account safety measures and town trail requirements. The construction gate will open inwards towards the school so that the trail is not impeded. Trail traffic may be stopped occasionally to allow for construction traffic through the gate onto the site. Flaggers will be present to ensure traffic is stopped prior to any traffic crossing the trail.

Will the access entrance be temporary for construction use?

The construction and emergency service access will be of primary use during construction, but it is essential in the long term for District maintenance, safety access, and occasional deliveries to this portion of the campus.

How many trees will be removed to accommodate the service access?

On the town side along Alpine Road, there is one pine tree and two small valley oaks (less than 8”) that will be removed. We do not intend on removing any significant trees on the town side. On the District side, 5 valley oaks will be removed, 2 of which are considered significant (12” - 15”)

Will the new service access have a gate or fencing?

The new chain link fence will be replacing a portion of the existing deteriorated chain link fence and will include a vehicle gate. This fence and gate will serve to prevent unauthorized persons and vehicles from accessing the campus. The fencing will be black in color to further reduce the visual impact.