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504 Plan

504 Plan

Note:  While 504 Plans are not part of special education, information is provided here to explain the purpose and process for these plans.

Section 504 of the Federal civil rights law was developed to address issues of discrimination with regard to individuals with disabilities.  As a result, a 504 Plan may be recommended for a student if accommodations and/or modifications are needed at school due to a documented impairment.  This determination is made through the Student Study Team process at each school site.  

A 504 Plan does not mean that the student is eligible for special education.  However, the plan may provide for accommodations and modifications to the school program not available to non-disabled students.   

Students with IEPs (Individual Education Programs) are already entitled to necessary accommodations and/or modifications as part of their special education plan.  Therefore, a 504 Plan is not needed for these students.

To qualify for a 504 Plan, a student must have a documented impairment that substantially affects 1 or more major life activities, such as hearing, seeing, reading, writing or learning.   

To learn more about a 504 Plan, please contact the counselor at your school.