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Annual Parent Notifications

Annual Notification Summary of Parents or Guardians Rights   CA Ed. Code § 48980 requires school districts to notify parents or guardians of their rights and responsibilities at the beginning of the first semester of each academic year. As new Ed. Code sections are enacted, some require that the amended content be included with the annual notification to parents.

Updates have been made to the summary of sections that are required to be included in the 2023-2024 Annual Notifications.  
Additionally, Education Code § 48982 requires that parents or guardians sign and submit to the district an acknowledgment of receipt of the notice. This is part of the District's online registration process. Keep in mind that the signature is only an acknowledgment of the receipt of the notification and that they have been informed of their rights. The signature does not signify consent to any of the activities or the withholding of consent.

2023-2024 Parents' Rights Notification

Under EC 48985, if 15 percent or more of the students enrolled in a school speak a single primary language other than English, all notices and reports sent to the parent or guardian of any such student must be written in English, and the primary language, and may be answered by the parent or guardian in either language. 

Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures