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Interdistrict Transfers

Interdistrict Attendance Agreements and Permits

Interdistrict Transfer permits (IDTs) are required for students residing outside of District boundaries, who wish to attend a school in the Portola Valley School District.

Portola Valley schools shall be operated for the benefit of children residing in the district with such exceptions as permitted by law and District policy. The Governing Board recognizes justifiable reasons for interdisrict transfers, and may enter into interdistrict transfer agreements with other school districts regarding the enrollment of non-resident students when specific conditions are met as defined in Board Policy and Administrative Regulations. Please see AR/BP 5117:  Interdistrict Attendance

2023-24 Interdistrict Transfers
Completed IDT applications will be accepted in the District Office after May 1, 2023 for the 2023-24 school year. 
Interdistrict Transfer Priorities
Interdistrict requests are approved based on space availability and the priorities established in BP/AR 5117.

2023-24 Interdistrict Transfer Process
1.  Obtain an Interdistrict Transfer Application from your District of Residence.
2.  Submit the Application to your District of Residence for approval.
3.  If approved by the District of Residence, FORWARD the application (with approval signature) to for consideration. Do NOT COMPLETE the on-line enrollment.
4. Complete applications will be considered for spaces based on the priorities set forth by AR 5117, by mid-June.
5.  This process is an annual requirement.

Only complete transfer requests will be considered.Failure of a parent/guardian to meet the timelines established by the district shall be deemed an abandonment of the request.

Students granted an incoming interdistrict transfer will be expected to maintain satisfactory attendance, scholastic effort, and behavior. Failure to do so may cause the interdistrict transfer agreement to be revoked or rescinded.