Lunch Program


California’s Universal Meals Program

Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, one complimentary breakfast and one complimentary lunch will be available each school day to all California public school students as part of the Universal Meals Program. All meals will need to be pre-ordered. Families may continue to send meals and snacks with their students as in previous years- participation in the Universal Meals Program is not mandatory.

Sign up to Participate!              

Register and create an account online:
-Ormondale School use code: ormondale
-Corte Madera School use code: cortemadera

Ordering deadlines:
All meal orders must be placed by Tuesday 9am to receive meals for the following week.
Please make sure your child knows if a meal has been ordered, he District pays for meals not served.

For All Meals Served on:

Orders due by:

Monday, Sept 19 to Friday, Sept 23  

9:00 am Tuesday, September 13  

Monday, Sept 26 - Friday, Sept 30  

9:00 am Tuesday, September 20  

Monday, Oct 3 - Friday, Oct 7 

9:00 am Tuesday, September 27  

NOTE: The Universal Meals Program is a supplemental program to the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. Families who have or who may qualify for the federal “free or reduced lunch” meal programs are encouraged to continue to apply in order to qualify for other types of support programs, as well as other targeted federal grants for the District. The Federal Free and Reduced-Price Lunch application form can be found here. 

email: [email protected]
phone: (650) 851-1777